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Celebrating International Women's Year and those who were our female trail blazers: Because of You

Margaret Isobel Whelan (nee Conn) was the first qualified female Sanitary Inspector (SI) in Ontario and the tenth in Canada. Margaret was born in Buffalo, New York, 1919. Her father, Dr. Thomas Conn, died before she was born and her mother brought her back to Toronto to continue her own profession in nursing. Marg worked at Connaught Medical Research Laboratories for ten years doing technical work on antibiotic and immunization research. As a result of her work in the lab Margaret met many CPHA professionals, which aroused within her a profound interest in pursuing a career as a SI. Completing her studies, cum laude, and obtain-ing her Certificate in Sanitary Inspection (Canada) (CSI (C)) under the CPHA, she was excited to put her experience and knowledge in bacteriology to practical use in field work.

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