The Charitable Division of the Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors



There are several ways you can contribute to the work of CIPHI's Charitable Division, the Environmental Health Foundation of Canada:


• Making a donation (1 x per year or spread out over monthly payments)
• Making a bequest in your will 
• Donating a fundraising gift 
• Establishing a trust fund
• Sponsoring a project


Donations, bequests, and trust funds can be self-directed.  Gifts may be raffled at events as a fundraiser. Find out more about our Donor Recognition Program by contacting our Treasurer at

Get directly involved in the Environmental Health Foundation of Canada by:

• Becoming a Board Trustee and sit on one of our working committees (Advancement or Governance)
• Proposing/sponsoring a fund-raising activity 
• Proposing a detailed operational plan for an EHFC sponsored project 
• Becoming an EHFC contributing member 


Benefits of helping the Environmental Health Foundation of Canada:

1) Donate to the work of the Foundation:


• Fund projects leading to the optimal health of Canadians and/or citizens of an under-developed country
• All donations of $20 or greater are income tax deductible 
• Community visibility of your interest in environmental public health issues 
• Opportunity to fund a specific environmental public health project


2) By getting involved as a Board Trustee or as a Friend of the Foundation you can:


Obtain Continuing Professional Competencies credit for your volunteer hours

• Contribute to the betterment of the CIPHI community 
• Develop professional and social contacts
• Develop leadership, group and communication skills 
• Obtain hands-on project experience 
• Gain an understanding and appreciation of group dynamics