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Lena Parker, CPHI(C)

CIPHI Alberta Branch Member



  • The Environmental Health Foundation of Canada (EHFC) is the charitable division of the Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors (CIPHI). A volunteer board is entrusted to oversee the administration of CIPHI's charity.

  • On May 7, 1985, the CIPHI membership passed a motion and enacted a bylaw to establish a charitable foundation for the profession.  Following the receipt of all of the Government of Canada approvals, the first inaugural meeting of the EHFC Board of Trustees appointed by the CIPHI National Executive Council was held on July 13, 1989, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  This year the EHFC celebrates its 33rd year.

  • The Board dedicates its time to advancing environmental public health protection in Canada and internationally through the development and support of public health education, research, and the development of aid projects.  Our work is done through collaboration, connection, and recognition with internal and external partners.  

  • Our donors help us make a difference by supporting our important work.  

  • The charity is recognized by Revenue Canada, Charities Directorate, and has been assigned charity number BN 87096-8377-RR0001.

2022 - 2023



Lena Parker, Chair


Ralph Stanley, Vice Chair


Mike LeBlanc, Treasurer


Pamela Scharfe, Past Chair

(Vacant), Secretary