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Since most parents do not have enough knowledge or experience in skateboarding as well as about skateboards, choosing a suitable skateboard for their kids can be quite challenging. To help you and other parents save time in searching for a perfect skateboard, I will introduce to you the Powell Peralta Golden Dragon - the recommended skateboard for kids under the age of 12.

I don’t understand why this product is so underrated since my first feeling with this board is pretty good. This is such a decent skateboard with well-carved trucks and good wheels. The size of this skateboard is 7.6 inches which are highly recommended for children from 7 to 12. If you are not sure about how to pick the right size for your kids, you can check out the instructions at SkateAdvisors.

With only 80 bucks, you can own this decent Powell Peralta skateboard with the following interesting features:

Durability: typically a new skater can use this board up to a couple of years

Suitable for both doing tricks or only normal rides

A sturdy deck made of 7-ply maple

Soft wheels which are more suitable for skating in parks or on concrete rather than other rougher surfaces

However, the bearings are said to be a bit stiff so buyers may want to lubricate them well before use. Also, you can notice a loose feeling when unboxing but you can tweak the trucks to improve the situation.

The thing that kids love most in this product is the eye-catching graphics with a cool dragon printed on the deck. The deck and trucks are so well structured that you will experience the smoothest ride even when traveling on rough surfaces.

For more information about different products for your children, you can check out other articles at SkateAdvisors.

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