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Rules for Writing Academic Papers

Rule number 1. Stock up on the necessary information and do not hesitate to look at suitable examples

It is impossible to write a review correctly without knowing the general rules for its preparation. Therefore, first you need to use the reference literature, read the relevant sources and see samples, which are quite a lot on the Internet.

Rule number 2. Do not forget to indicate your data in the review from the official opponent

First of all, the name of the specialist who writes this review should appear in the text of the review. It also indicates in full the name of the institution in which the opponent works, the regular and e-mail of the institution and the telephone number of the organization. The position in which the reviewer is currently located is written last. It is worth remembering that if this data is not specified, then the review will remain unpublished on the network.

Rule number 3. When writing a review, first of all evaluate the relevance of the material proposed for evaluation

The relevance of the work is one of the most important elements, since any scientific research must be timely, i.e., meet the needs that are relevant in the scientific world in this particular time period.

Rule number 4. Do not forget to also evaluate how important the problem that is considered or investigated in the dissertation is.

Any problem that is touched upon in the dissertation work should not only be inherent in modernity, but also be important for the economic, cultural, technical or some other sphere of life. In addition, the problem should be solvable, and not artistically sucked from the finger.

Rule number 5. It is also worth focusing on the style of presentation of the author of the work, as well as on how competent and well-formed it is.

Any dissertation work is carried out according to certain standards, which must be strictly observed. Therefore, the reviewer should indicate how correctly all the material on the work is distributed, whether there are any overloaded parts in it, whether the written text is easily or, conversely, difficult to perceive, etc. In addition, it is worth highlighting in your review such a moment as and selection of graphic material: whether it is enough or not, how well it is made, and so on.

Also pay attention to the fact that not only the work itself must be competent, but also the review left on it. Therefore, when sending it, re-read your review several times to make sure that there are no annoying typos.

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