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. It is right now. We can make all kinds of products from this, such as tissues for cleaning up the skin. You've only heard of 2/3 and 1/3's before. Do you have any idea why? The reason is, this is based on a "pattern". ~~~ cr0sh > In molecular biology there are two different forms of what is called "DNA", > called "Double Helix" and "Double Strand" DNA. Mostly the difference between these two is what happens when you do X-Ray Treatment on them (where X-Rays are high energy ionizing radiation from a source that can damage DNA). With a Double Strand DNA structure, there is enough "weak" point in the DNA structure that it can be broken. This is typically why X-Ray treatment is associated with cancer. With a Double Helix DNA structure, there are two sets of "weak" points in the DNA structure (so it can be broken). This can cause problems when DNA is replicating; the two strands of DNA need to match up in order to prevent them from being broken. The DNA that occurs naturally in the cell is called Double Strand DNA. When humans make synthetic DNA, they try to copy the structure as-is. It's common to also add a third "strong" point to DNA (which has been used in some genetic engineering experiments in the past); there are a few different ways to do this (also involving new and improved synthetic chemicals, but in some cases involving what are called "nucleotides" - essentially the chemical atoms that make up the structure). ------ anentropic >The most common form of DNA is double-stranded. It is more common than all the other forms combined. DNA is a combination of purines and pyrimidines, not just the purines and pyrimidines on the DNA backbone, so just "more common" is rather vague. You have to ask what the relative proportions of the various components are. The answer is that it's essentially all purines, with a few pyrimidines and a few purines on the interior. The amino acid sequence of the protein is largely predictable as it's written out of "code", but the actual sequence




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FULL OCCT Pro 4.3.1 janapen

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