2019 marks the 30th anniversary of the Environmental Health Foundation of Canada, CIPHI’s Charitable Division. The EHFC Board of Trustees have set a goal of raising $30,000 to create two new endowment funds (1) to support students attending one of the CIPHI accredited schools to attend the National CIPHI AEC & (2) to support an environmental public health aid project in Canada & internationally.

One of our fund raising activities is to encourage CIPHI members to purchase apparel or drinkware with the EHFC 30th anniversary logo on it. The EHFC will receive 10% of the proceeds and you will have the chance to win some terrific prizes if you are seen wearing your swag at any CIPHI event such as the upcoming CIPHI AEC being hosted in Nova Scotia.

Online orders can be made up until July 19th by clicking on the following link provided by “Print Machine” The anticipated shipment will be mid-August prior to the CIPHI AEC in September.


Pamela Scharfe, CPHI(C)

EHFC Chair

On behalf of the EHFC Board of Trustees

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